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Garfield is a public elementary school located at the base of Coit Tower n- one of the most picturesque spots in the city of San Francisco. As one of the first public elementary schools in the city, Garfield has been providing a rich academic environment for local children for more than 100 years. Today, Garfield is a small, tight-knit community serving 240 children of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds in grades K-5.

Garfield Elementary offers general education classes for grades K-5; a Chinese Immersion program for grades K-1 (additional grades will be added every academic year through grade 5); a Special Day Class (SDC) program for children with high-functioning autism in grades K-5; and an after-school program from 1:50 – 6:00pm every school day. In addition to the music, art and P.E. programs that are offered throughout the district, Garfield partners with San Francisco community-based organizations to provide enrichment opportunities for its students. These partners include CUESA (the Center for Urban  Education about Sustainable Agriculture); the Chinatown Y.M.C.A; the San Francisco Opera Guild; LEAP Arts in Education; and more. 

For more information about Garfield, please visit the school’s Facebook page, Garfield’s San Francisco Unified School District page, and Great Schools . If you are interested in receiving the Garfield PTO newsletter, please provide your email address here.

Cantonese Immersion 2015

Ms. Monica Lun

Kindergarten Cantonese Immersion Teacher, Room 105


How long have you been teaching, and how long have you been at Garfield?

I've been teaching since 2002 and have been at Garfield since 2002. 


What strengths do you bring to your profession?

I am funny, silly, super organized and extremely energetic.  I love working directly with children, helping them learn in fun and engaging ways.  Being a mother of three (currently ages 21, 16, and 14) has helped me understand first-hand the needs of children at every stage up to adulthood. I am nurturing, caring and flexible yet firm and structured in my interactions with children. Being patient is one of my strongest attributes as a person.

    What do you like most about Garfield?

    I love the people I work with. Team-work and collegiality has made Garfield one of the best working environments anyone can ask for. The peaceful environment Garfield is surrounded by is another aspect that camouflages the long commute and the scarce parking problems I encounter on a daily basis. Best of all, the warm community of parents and children have helped me grow to become the teacher I am.


    What are 5 things you can’t live without? 

    Food, Water, Air, HK Drama and HK Milk Tea. Just kidding…my first three would be my daughters who have helped me become the best mom they claim I am. Through them, I learn how to love, care and nurture. Without them, I would not know how to be patient, generous, and tenacious. My significant other, who showers me with support, patience and love. Lastly, my mother who has been my mentor, my counselor and my best friend, taught me how to endure and accept, persevere and let go, but most importantly how to be kind and genuine in everything that I do.

    Describe your ideal day off

    My ideal day off is having no schedule and nothing to do but sit in front of my Cantonese Drama all day long with naps in between.  However, if I were to be realistic, the best ideal day off would be spending quality time with my loved ones and it wouldn’t even matter what we would be doing because as long as I am with them, it would be an ideal day regardless.

    Mrs. Amy Kam

    First Grade Cantonese Immersion Teacher, Room 203


    How long have you been teaching, and how long have you been at Garfield?

    I've been teaching since 2004 and have been at Garfield since 2009.


    What strengths do you bring to your profession?

    I provide children with a nurturing and safe environment. I encourage children to think, to make connections, to practice and reinforce, to learn from other learners and to feel that if they make mistakes they will not be ridiculed or treated negatively. I understand that, since individuals learn at different rates and in different ways, we need to provide a variety of activities, tasks and pace of work, and monitor and evaluate children’s progress. I am patient and listen to what children have to say, and I work to promote a positive self-esteem.

    What do you like most about Garfield?

    The staff at Garfield work like a team and they are very supportive.

    What Are 5 Things You Can’t Live Without?


    Describe Your Ideal Day Off

    There is super nice weather, and I have a big healthy, tasty breakfast. I take a walk with my family at the park or at the beach, and have fun with my daughter. I have sushi for lunch, go shopping with my friends, have a yummy dinner, and watch a movie with my family. Finally I read to my daughter and sleep in bed early.

    Ms. Veronica Lee

    Second Grade Cantonese Immersion Teacher, Room 315


    How long have you been teaching, and how long have you been at Garfield?

    I've been teaching since 2005 and have been at Garfield since 2005.


    What strengths do you bring to your profession?

    My passion for education, my eight years of teaching experience and my Chinese language skills are the strengths I bring to my profession.  I really enjoy my job, and I’m always looking for ways to improve my teaching skills.  I have gained valuable experience while teaching first through fifth grade at Garfield for the last eights years.  Being raised and educated in Hong Kong has helped me develop my Chinese language skills.  As a bilingual teacher, my first language background helps me in my ability to teach bilingual and immersion classes.

    What do you like most about Garfield?

    The students and the staff are the things I like most about Garfield.  Our students come from different cultures and backgrounds, yet they are all eager and willing to learn.  It is an enjoyable experience teaching our unique students.  In addition, we have the incredible staff.  We always work together to provide the best learning environment for our students.  I’m glad to be a part of our amazing team!


    What are 5 things you can’t live without?

    My family; my dog, Baron; my friends, my bed; and sunshine.


    Describe your ideal day off:

    My ideal day off would be relaxing and enjoying ice cream or a cold drink with my family and dog at the beach or in the park on a sunny day.


    Mr. Alan Lam

    Third Grade Cantonese Immersion Teacher, Room 302


    How long have you been teaching, and how long have you been at Garfield?

    I’ve been teaching since 1998 and have been at Garfield since 1998.


    What strengths do you bring to your profession?

    My strengths as a teacher are my passion for teaching, caring for my students, and perseverance for helping my students to perform at their best ability.

    What Do You Like Most About Garfield?

    What I like most about Garfield are our enthusiastic students, dedicated staff, devoted parents and Garfield’s unique location.


    What Are 5 Things You Can’t Live Without?

    A positive attitude toward life and work, dreams, hope, good health and the love of my family.

    Describe your ideal day off:

    I would definitely play a round of golf early in the morning; watch a couple movies in the afternoon; have a fancy dinner with my family in the evening; and listen to smooth jazz before bedtime.

    Ms. Patricia Hong

    Fourth & Fifth Grade Cantonese Bi-Literacy Teacher, Room 411


    How Long Have You Been Teaching, And How Long Have You Been At Garfield?

    I started as an emergency credentialed bilingual teacher in the SFUSD in 1991, became certificated in 1994, and joined Garfield School in 2015.


    What Strengths Do You Bring To Your Profession? 

    As an immigrant myself, I have had personal experience in second language acquisition and acculturation.  With professional training and experience, I am passionate about helping my students to become successful, caring, and happy global citizens.

    What Do You Like Most About Garfield?

    I enjoy working with the team of experienced, committed and fun colleagues.


    What Are 5 Things You Can’t Live Without? 

    Family, good health, delicious food, rest, and children's smiling faces.

    Describe Your Ideal Day Off:

    Deep in the forest I wake up with a cup of Chinese kungfu tea.  I then hike along a creek until I find a comfortable resting place where I will enjoy a good book.  In the evening around a campfire, with friends and family, we share jokes and stories, complementing with hot chocolate and roasted marshmallows.  Then all is calm and quiet, I admire the constellations and let the forest sing me a lullaby.

    Ms. Melody Hernandez

    Fourth & Fifth Grade English Teacher, Room 411