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420 Filbert Street,
San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 291-7924

Garfield is a public elementary school located at the base of Coit Tower n- one of the most picturesque spots in the city of San Francisco. As one of the first public elementary schools in the city, Garfield has been providing a rich academic environment for local children for more than 100 years. Today, Garfield is a small, tight-knit community serving 240 children of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds in grades K-5.

Garfield Elementary offers general education classes for grades K-5; a Chinese Immersion program for grades K-1 (additional grades will be added every academic year through grade 5); a Special Day Class (SDC) program for children with high-functioning autism in grades K-5; and an after-school program from 1:50 – 6:00pm every school day. In addition to the music, art and P.E. programs that are offered throughout the district, Garfield partners with San Francisco community-based organizations to provide enrichment opportunities for its students. These partners include CUESA (the Center for Urban  Education about Sustainable Agriculture); the Chinatown Y.M.C.A; the San Francisco Opera Guild; LEAP Arts in Education; and more. 

For more information about Garfield, please visit the school’s Facebook page, Garfield’s San Francisco Unified School District page, and Great Schools . If you are interested in receiving the Garfield PTO newsletter, please provide your email address here.



How Long Have You Been Teaching, And How Long Have You Been At Garfield?

I started teaching in 2003 and have loved every minute of it! This is my first year (2016) as the Principal of Garfield Elementary School. I am so proud to be a Mighty Dragon and to be part of this amazing Community.

What Strengths Do You Bring To Your Profession?

I’d say one strength I have as a school leader is understanding the many moving parts of the school. I believe in building relationships with everyone and creating a safe and nurturing environment for everyone to feel successful. To achieve this, we have to know our learners – both the students and the adults!

What Do You Like Most About Garfield? 

What I love most about Garfield is the community. Every student is so unique and brings something very special to the school. The same can be said about the teachers and families. Everyday I look forward to coming to work because I know we’ll have fun and we’ll learn together.


What Are 5 Things You Can’t Live Without?

  1. My family and friends ( Lot’s of love to go around)
  2. Good coffee (I can be picky, I’ll admit!)
  3. Something to read(I love keeping up with current events and pop culture)
  4. Music (I grew up playing many instruments and can’t imagine not having it in my life)
  5. Wifi (I’m not embarrassed to say that I like to stay connected!)

Describe Your Ideal Day Off:

On my ideal day off I get to sleep in a bit. I would definitely make breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee. Then off with some friends and family to a long bike ride where the weather is warm and I have some ice cold pink lemonade waiting for me at the end of the ride. Lunch would be my favorite sushi and then off for more fun quality time with my favorite people. The day winds down with a mellow dinner with steak, broccoli, rice and some kind of caramel dessert and sharing stories with each other.


Nancy Olexo

Librarian, Room 307 (Library)

Ariela Dea

Music Teacher, Room 207 (Music Room)

Mimi Hong

School Social Worker


What strengths do you bring to your profession?

My family and friends tell me that I am a very good listener.  So, if students want someone to just listen to them and hear them out, I am that person!

Describe your ideal day off:

For me, it's all about who you are with than where I'm at!  So, my ideal day off would be spending time doing anything with people I love!

What do you like most about garfield?

I like that it's a small community of students and teachers where I have the opportunity to get to know everyone individually.

What are 5 things you can't live without?

  1. Coffee
  2. Family and friends
  3. Love
  4. Laughter
  5. Hot sauce

Karen Maruoka

Literacy Coach, Room 411

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How Long Have You Been Teaching, And How Long Have You Been At Garfield?

I've been teaching since 1997 and have been at Garfield since 2017.

What Strengths do you bring to your profession?

I enjoy working with children and adults to tackle challenges collaboratively and creatively.  I'm resourceful and tend to see opportunity in most situations.  I'm flexible and draw on my experiences of living and working in many different contexts.

    What do you like most about garfield?

    The Garfield community is warm and welcoming.  Garfield staff, students, and families are curious about new ideas and excited to learn.

    What are 5 things you can't live without?

    • My family and friends
    • The ocean
    • A radio
    • Books and magazines
    • A kitchen with a well-stocked pantry

    Describe your ideal day off:

    I'd rise early and putter quite around my house.  I'd take a midday walk on the beach - regardless of weather.  I'd end my day with family, friends, and neighbors gathered around a big table enjoying good food and great conversations.

    Aileen Liu

    School Psychologist, Room 411