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420 Filbert Street,
San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 291-7924

Garfield is a public elementary school located at the base of Coit Tower n- one of the most picturesque spots in the city of San Francisco. As one of the first public elementary schools in the city, Garfield has been providing a rich academic environment for local children for more than 100 years. Today, Garfield is a small, tight-knit community serving 240 children of diverse cultural and economic backgrounds in grades K-5.

Garfield Elementary offers general education classes for grades K-5; a Chinese Immersion program for grades K-1 (additional grades will be added every academic year through grade 5); a Special Day Class (SDC) program for children with high-functioning autism in grades K-5; and an after-school program from 1:50 – 6:00pm every school day. In addition to the music, art and P.E. programs that are offered throughout the district, Garfield partners with San Francisco community-based organizations to provide enrichment opportunities for its students. These partners include CUESA (the Center for Urban  Education about Sustainable Agriculture); the Chinatown Y.M.C.A; the San Francisco Opera Guild; LEAP Arts in Education; and more. 

For more information about Garfield, please visit the school’s Facebook page, Garfield’s San Francisco Unified School District page, and Great Schools . If you are interested in receiving the Garfield PTO newsletter, please provide your email address here.

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